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christmas in Equestria

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 8, 2013, 7:52 AM

the christmas commented you made ​​me my heart blow away the friendship isn't so far away (X2)

 I gave it for a special sometime pony I care about my dear friends happiness let the Christmas glow over the Equestria

  the Christmas has come glitters evryones anticipation When Santa Claus comes to their home

  look how eyes glisten When grinning then Luna sweep to a christmas night look how the crystal city climbs into white quiet  (X 2 )

night Becomes Day sees the small ponies kids joy When Their Eyes glisten of all the packages under the tree and the smell of freshly baked apple pie and the happiness of the holiday season is here

a celebration of the two sisters day let us share a specia gift to all may Equestrias joy store in tenderness and deep love

never let it with our kaek is our friendship and the ömsama want to be for the eternal time till next year